Kelley Boulton Practitioner Profile

Kelley Boulton (Society of Homeopaths)

Kelley is a professionally qualified Homeopathic Practitioner, based in Bristol. Kelley uses Skype as a means to connect with clients not based in Bristol.  

Kelley uses homeopathy to treat the whole family and a wide range of health issues.  During a homeopathic consultation you will be given the time and space for your state of health, how you experience it and how it affects your life, to be explored in full. Based on the information you give, a remedy which best matches your individual needs will be selected as a stimulus to your own, natural healing process.

Kelley is also interested in nutrition, naturapathic techniques and natural remedies such as herbal tinctures and flower essences, which complement homeopathic treatment very well. 

What one of Kelley’s clients said about her:

"Kelley is a warm, kind person who always finds a positive angle to any health or life situation. Kelley is a great listener and good at asking the right questions. She gets to the core of the problem and finds the most appropriate remedy. I have found homeopathy with Kelley to support my physical, mental and spiritual health. There have been some big breakthroughs with using homeopathy particularly skin problems and my mental wellbeing. I wholeheartedly recommend Kelley, not only is she a wonderful therapist she is also a lovely person".

Cost of Treatment:

First appointments:

Adults: £40.00  Children: £35.00

Follow up appointments:

Adults: £30.00  Children: £25.00

Kelley also offers a low cost clinic rate of £25.00, based on a minimum of 3 consecutive, monthly appointments, booked in advance.

What treatments do I offer?
Homeopathy, Naturopathy
Where do I practice?
Kelley Boulton, RSHom. Homeopath
Hamilton House
Stokes Croft
United Kingdom