Kinga Kiralyhegyi Practitioner Profile

Kinga Kiralyhegyi (BANT)

I'm a Nutritinal Therapist helping clients to find, adress and cure the root and underlying cause of their condition by an induvidual nutrition plan and lifestyle recommendations following a science based approach to achieve optimal health and well being.

I'm specialised in Digestive health, Hormonal imbalances and weight management

My interest in nutrition has been long-standing. Having been through health challenges myself. I suffered from multiple health conditions such as digestive issues, chronic constipation, food sensitivities, frequent UTI, hormonal imbalances, menstrual disturbances, misscarriage, PCOS, depression, insomnia, weight gain, difficult to loose weight despite healthy, low calorie intake, frequent exercise...etc.   After many years of going to different GP's and Specialists, spending a lot of money and taking tons of antibiotics, painkillers, contraceptions and so on. These were only masking my symptoms temporarily without any deeper understanding the underlying cause of my issues.   I HAD ENOUGH!!!   I decided to become a Health practitioner myself to be able to find the root causes of my health conditions and finally get better and be able to heal my body. I decided to train as a Nutritional Therapist to understand more about how our bodies work and its performance from the infulence of food and being able to support the healing process with a nutritional approach. It came naturally to dive deeper into the subject to widen my knowledge, in order to apply these methods on my family, myself as well as to help others in the same way. I believe that the food we put into our body has a strong affect on our health, well-being, mind and quality of life.   I am passionate about inspiring, motivating and educating people to find the right balance in their lifestyle, supporting and nourished a healthy body by taking small changes at time. My aim is to help people to achive optimal health and regain vitality through a professional and induvidually tailored nutrition plan and lifestyle recommendations.
What treatments do I offer?
Nutritional Therapy
Where do I practice?
KNT Nutrition
9 Lydney
RG12 7LQ
United Kingdom