Lara Sinha Practitioner Profile

Lara Sinha (CMA AAP UK)

Lara Sinha has many years experience in the holistic therapy field, having initially completed both her training and the majority of her working expereince in India, where she was based with a voluntary medical organisation.   She has worked in all aspects of Ayurvedic therapy, including Panchakarma & Marma therapy, as well as Ayurvedic counselling and clinical consultation .  After returning to the UK, she completed her further studies at The Ayurvedic Institute in London, under the teachings of renownedAyurvedic Physician, Dr. Deepika Rodrigo (BAMS) and now practices at The Alternative Healthcare  in West Sussex alongside Dr. Shijoe  Mathew (BAMS) from India, helping many sufferers of various 'modern-day' diseases .  She also sees patients at her clinic in Surrey for consultations and therapies.

Her own personal ethos is not just only to help those with any specific disorder, but also to achieve an optimum mental & spirtual health for her patients by providing a solid emotional support base.  By truly embraching her love for Ayurveda, the unique Indian philosophy and way of life, she encourages those to find their own fulfulment & success as well as their improved health & happiness.

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