Lisa Webb Practitioner Profile

Lisa Webb (CAPBT (COAPE Association Pet Behaviourists and Trainers), ICAN (International Companion Animal Network))
I believe sharing your life with your dog should be a joy for both of you.

By optimising wellbeing, using the most up-to-date behaviour and training science and tailoring each programme of support to your individual needs, we help you transform behaviours and develop a shared understanding which enables your dog to flourish and you to focus on enjoying life together.

My team and I look forward to sharing our passion and expertise with you.

Lisa is one of the first seven behaviourists in the country to achieve the prestigious Level 6 (BSc standard) COAPE Diploma in Applied Clinical Pharmacology, Neurophysiology and Therapeutics in Companion Animal Behaviour so you can be confident your Canine Thinking experience will be underpinned by excellent practical skills and up to date knowledge of modern, science-based, welfare-led training and behaviour techniques. Lisa specialises in working with you and your vet to optimise your dog's physical wellbeing, which is essential to emotional and behavioural health. 

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