Maciej Gross Practitioner Profile

Maciej Gross (REPs)

Gym Locomotive is a boutique personal training space. We blend intelligent, planned training with ambience and privacy.

We are not in the business of fads. We don’t have unnecessary machinery or walls full of mirrors. We don’t use words like BOOT CAMP or WOD. We don’t cut, shred, pump or burn.

We offer a new formula for fitness. We inspire and educate.

Mainstream gyms don’t get members fit, they simply sell access. Our bespoke personal training and partner-up sessions address our customers' needs best.

Our training system is based on strength & conditioning fundamentals. It's supplemented with progressive bodyweight training, joint mobility work and high intensity interval training. It’s adaptable to every condition, age and gender.

We also devise individual rehabilitation programmes for clients with musculoskeletal conditions or injuries. We will work in conjunction with your physiotherapist to treat the underlying cause of the problem.

What treatments do I offer?
Fitness / Personal Training
Where do I practice?
Gym Locomotive
Unit 10, Tay Building
2A Wrentham Av
Greater London
NW10 3HA
United Kingdom