Maria Christofi Practitioner Profile

Maria Christofi (British acupuncture council )

Maria Christofi has been treating for two decades & runs a thriving practice at Triyoga, London’s leading yoga centre.  With many high profile clients, Maria’s intuitive and holistic fusion of acupuncture, massage, energy healing and lifestyle guidance has gained her recognition in the wellness movement.

Specialising in women’s health, Maria has extensive experience with facial rejuvenation, menstrual issues, fertility, pregnancy, gut health, stress and beyond...

What treatments do I offer?
Acupuncture, Massage Therapy
Where do I practice?
Maria Christofi acupuncture
57 Jamestown Road
Nw1 7DB
United Kingdom
Maria Christofi acupuncture
Treatment rooms at the old rectory
East Sussex
United Kingdom