Natalie Jurdeczka Practitioner Profile

Natalie Jurdeczka (Association of Naturopathic Practitioners)

I graduated in 2007 as a Naturopath with qualifications in herbal medicine, nutrition, iridology and homeopathy at the Australian College of Natural Therapies and have worked for over a decade in the organic while foods and health industries , that furthered my passion for food-as-medicine for the long-term managment of health issues and a strong interest in supporting people in practical ,tangible ways and adapting treatment to individual  needs. I draw on herbal medicine and nutritional supplements as aids for restrring balance and seeks to uncover and address the underlying health, rather than just address the symptoms that present.

I believe in combining traditional naturipathic skills and knowledge with today's scientific research and diagnostic testing to help patients understand and treat the cause of their conditions. My practice has had a strong emphasis on the gut and it's impact on hyman health. I also have experience in a wide range of health conditions including digestive complaints like IBS and SIBO, nervous system issues, allergies, and hormonal health.

What treatments do I offer?
Herbalism, Homeopathy, Iridology, Naturopathy
Where do I practice?
Natalie Jurdeczka
Mill of Muchalls
via Stonehaven
United Kingdom