Natasja Prinsloo Practitioner Profile

Natasja Prinsloo (National Institute of Medical Herbalists and International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists)

A holistic therapist who offers herbal medicine, aromatherapy and massage treatments.

Natasja's mission is to promote health and well-being by empowering those around her to take their health into their own hands, with her guidance. 

Within her herbal medicine consultations she takes the time getting to the bottom of what is happening with the health of her client, the aim being to treat the individual and not the presenting symptoms. In order to resolve the presenting issue in the long term, which tends to be what those seeking the support of a herbalist wants to achieve, the underlying cause needs to be addressed first. Step by step she works with her client to achieve the ultimate goal whatever that may be - more energy, better sleep, less pain....

With her massage treatments she offers Aromatherapy, Pregnancy Massage and Deep Tissue Massage. As an aromatherapist Natasja tends to use essential oils in all treatments as she has found it to work at a deeper level to that of a standard deep tissue massage for instance, making the treatment just that touch more effective and adding a sense of well-being.

Natasja passionately blends tailored aromatherapy products, herbal teas and gives advise on incorporating herbs, herbal powers and potions into your daily life, adhering to the notion of let food be your medicine and medicine your food.

What treatments do I offer?
Aromatherapy, Herbalism, Massage Therapy
Where do I practice?
Inessence Wellbeing
31 Freethorpe close
SE19 3LX
United Kingdom