Nicola Rycroft Practitioner Profile

Nicola Rycroft (British Acupuncture Council)

Nicola loves her work as an acupuncturist. She gained her degree from the International College of Oriental Medicine (based in West Sussex)  which is the only college in the UK to teach Stems and Branches. This is a classical approach to healing where a patient's constitutional strengths and weaknesses are examined before and during treatment. She uses this to treat alongside the models of the Five Elements and the more modern TCM approach. Nicola has a peaceful home clinic - the Three Treasures Clinic - named both in honour of her three daughters, and after the Three Treasures of Humanity in Chinese Medicine where there is ample free parking and flexible appointment times. Additionally, she works one day a week at a Health and Wellbeing Centre in a nearby village where she enjoys the interaction with other health professionals. She now also offers a holistic style of cosmetic acupuncture. She feels deeply honoured to be able to practice the beautiful art of Chinese Medicine.

What treatments do I offer?
Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine
Where do I practice?
Three Treasures Clinic - Acupuncture
34 Brettingham Avenue
United Kingdom