Rodney Robinson Practitioner Profile

Rodney Robinson (Complementary Therapists Association)

Rodney Robinson is a qualified nurse and holistic practitioner of 25 years experience. The therapies he uses are based on the energetic systems of the body, that is to say using the biophysical or electrical properties of the body to assess and deliver therapy. He uses electrical measurement of electromagnetic energy fields to assess the activity of acupuncture points and ascertain imbalances that underlie disease. He specializes in modern methods of acupuncture diagnostic assessment such as Kirlian photography. As a skilled homeopath and acupuncturist he uses his knowledge of the meridians and acupuncture points to diagnose imbalances and deliver therapy. Although qualified in needle acupuncture he has also devised methods using non needle approaches such as the application of electronic pulses of specific frequency via acupuncture points to achieve a state of balance in the nervous system. This method has been extensively used in the field of stress & addiction treatment, an area where he worked as a Specialist Nurse Practitioner within the NHS. He has also designed an accredited two-day course in the use of this therapy (Acu-TENS) for addiction workers and therapists. Rodney's continuing area of specialism is mental health, stress and addiction treatment.

What treatments do I offer?
Acupuncture, Beauty Therapy, Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Nursing
Where do I practice?
Holistic Therapy Training & Practice
33 Blacklow Brow
L36 5XE
United Kingdom