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Mr. Santiago Revereter has been practising Homeopathy for more that 17 years. Using Iridology is an amazing tool in diagnosis and finding out how the body is coping with different life styles and situations is priceless in order to get control over ones life and conditions suffered. Finding out traumas in the past which can be affecting the present, physiological changes which may impair the functioning or full activity of an organ or system. Finding out areas or organs that are inflamed, congested, underactive or over active. It can help a lot in preventing situations, conditions or even illnesses that have a lot of possibilites to appear considering the actual trend and direction that the body is taking. And for sure it teaches a lot about oneself helping in this way to apply the best foods, life styles, and routines best for that specific person. 

We must remember that nothing is for every one, All good healthy foods and supplements are not having the same therapeutic power for everyone and everybody is individual in his way of thinking and the way nutrients, food and herbs will affect them. So taking Iridology on board can unfold a lot of knowledge for anyone who wants to discover more about themselves, and apply things that will affect the body correctly.

Increasing and exercising the natural healing power is a human right in my opinion and to take responsibility for one's health, it is a duty. After the Iris Anlysis a report will presented where all findings and personal apreciations will be explained deeply and questions will be answered.  The report will include all the situations and conditions which the body is dealing with at the moment, and what is dealing from longer time. If we are dealing with an acute or chronic conditon, how the different systems and organs are and in what working state,. All this will be complemented with the recommedation on Herbs to take, including specific teas and concoctions, tincutres or fluid extracts. Homeopapathy and/ or supplements depending the personal necessity of that person. 

The Eyes, the Window of the Soul. 

Strength & Light

Santiago Reverter 


What treatments do I offer?
Herbalism, Homeopathy, Iridology, Naturopathy
Where do I practice?
Authentic Roots: 2 blessington Court. BT26 6SA Hillsborough; Co. Down; N. Ireland.
2 Blessington Court
County Down
BT26 6SA
United Kingdom