Sara Weyland Practitioner Profile

Sara Weyland (AHG (RH))

My approach is to work together to find the most elegant way to restore health and balance, whether that is working on the physical, energetic, emotional and/or spiritual level.  On the physical, as a medical herbalist, nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner,  I take a 'food first' approach, but also use botanicals and nutraceutical supplements to help nudge the body back into health. Lab testing is sometimes used to help determine the best course of action. Additionally, I am trained in Kinesiology, NAET, Eden Energy Medicine and Biofield Tuning and use tools in these areas, including energy muscle testing, where appropriate to help explore underlying imbalances which may include unexpressed emotions and energy imbalances.

What treatments do I offer?
Where do I practice?
Sara Weyland
University of Westminster Polyclinic
Hanson Street
United Kingdom