Selina Van Orden Practitioner Profile

Selina Van Orden (APA (Ayurvedic Professionals Association) )

Selina Van Orden is an Ayurvedic physician and practitioner looking to help people feel bright, clear and balanced in their body and mind. She trained for over five years in the UK, India and USA. Knowing there is no one size fits all when it comes to treatment, Selina is fascinated with how the body and mind relate to one another and how each person's consitution and lifeline leads to a completely unique set of needs and opportunities for healing. Fascinated by mantra, herbs, numerology, astrology and deep internal shifts by means of support and lifestyle changes. She specialises in women's health, autoimmune treatment, digestion, mental health and constiutional rebalancing.  

What treatments do I offer?
Ayurveda, Counselling, Herbalism
Where do I practice?
At Your Best
Online Only At The Moment
United Kingdom