Simonida Kozelj Practitioner Profile

Simonida Kozelj (PR / FHT / AoR / CNHC)
Simi Kozelj is a fully qualified CAM practitioner and has been practicing for over 6 years as a Reflexologist, Baby Reflex tutor, Aromatherapist, Reiki practitioner and a Laughter Yoga Group Leader (since 2012). She works mainly as a mobile therapist as well as a on-site Reflexologist in Central London and Waltham Abbey. She is full member of FHT, AoR, PR and CNHC, and is therefore obliged to comply with ethics and requirements for continuous professional development.   Simi's main focus is stress, which is nowadays present in our daily life, even in childhood. She feels that young people and even young children, are under lots of stress which is often brushed aside or not dealt with until their adulthood. Young people often turn to quite unhealthy means of relaxation, rather than learn how to cope. Adults often take stress for granted until it affects their health and wellbeing. As it is well known that stress is the main culprit for many modern illnesses and dis-eases. Since we can not completely avoid it, we should learn to de-stress and and learn to cope with stress in a healthier way. De-stressology is a combination of techniques which are used to their maximum effect and adapted to each client and condition.   In her work Simi often combines different treatments, such as Reflexology and Reiki, Aromatherapy &  Reflexology, Auricular Reflexology & Ear Candling. All treatments are adapted to the client and the client's condition. Simi uses Advanced Reflexology techniques as well as other Reflexology methods in her treatments, such as Kruchik Method (Maternity Reflexology) and Manzanares Reflexology Method.   Baby Reflex is a very simple and efficient Reflexology treatment of babies which parents can learn in three hourly sessions. It was developed by chartered physiotherapist and reflexologist Jenny Lee, based on her 15 years research on effects of Reflexology on asthmatic chidren. Parents have found that their babies enjoy being treated, and it improves the natural loving bond between child and parents. Baby Reflex can be used anywhere and any time, even when stading in a queue or sitting in a bus.   Free demonstrations of Baby Reflex are avaliable every Friday from 2pm to 7pm.
What treatments do I offer?
Aromatherapy, Nutritional Therapy, Reflexology, Reiki
Where do I practice?
Anima Sana London
2 Dyers Buildings
High Holborn
Greater London
United Kingdom