Susie Rucker Practitioner Profile

Susie Rucker (BANT, CNHC)

Susie has a BA Hons in Paediatric nursing and Diplomas in Kinesiology and Nutritional Therapy, mBANT, CNHC and she is a GAPS practitioner which provides her with a unique perspective on the importance of health and nutrition in everyday life.

Susie worked in London at the Chelsea and Westminster High Dependency Unit and Paediatric Accident and Emergency Unit for many years, as well as undertaking overseas nursing work with NGOs in Africa and with Médecins Sans Frontières in Sri Lanka. Moving to Hong Kong, where there was a high incidence of respiratory infections, Susie worked in a clinic where the doctor put nutrition first, boosting the immune system with supplements, rather than resorting to antibiotics. This inspired Susie to learn more about the power of nutrition and led to three years of training in nutritional therapy at Patrick Holford’s Institute of Optimum Nutrition in London.

On finishing her training Susie set up a successful practice in Singapore. In April 2008 she moved to Tokyo where she established her own Nutritional Therapy practice in which she is still involved. Susie moved back to Singapore in 2011 and worked at Body With Soul a multi disciplinary clinic for 5 years. Susie worked closely with the Doctors at CHI and the collaborative work enabled clients to be supported with both functional medicine and traditional medicine combined.

Susie lectured for the clinic, internationals companies and local schools. Supporting local groups such as Autism Bridge Strategy. Due to her passion for Raw Food Susie hosted Raw Food nights to expand awareness and inspire change. Susie was interviewed by Channel News Asia on three separate morning programmes diving into her expertise on children’s healthy eating, supplementation versus food and prevention and natural treatment for urinary tract infections.

Susie left Body with Soul in July 2016 to return to the UK. The Ruckers now reside in Ashmore, Dorset. Susie maintains a busy international practice by virtual consultations and is able to continue to support her clients as if she was still on the ground. Susie offers clients a unique tranquil experience with her clinic based in Ashmore for appointments for both individuals and families.

What treatments do I offer?
Nutritional Therapy
Where do I practice?
Rucker Nutrition
Manor Farm House
United Kingdom