Yonnie Kwok Pickles Practitioner Profile

Yonnie Kwok Pickles (BAcC)

Yonnie Kwok-Pickles was born in Hong Kong.  She grew up in a culture where food is considered as medicine, where eating according to the seasons to maintain the balance of the body, where Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture are a way of life.

Yonnie has travelled worldwide learning from various masters in the field of Medicine, she has adapted the knowledge learnt in her practice.  She uses the 5 elements approach when addressing the spirit when it is most appropriate, Master Tung’s Acupuncture methods when treating certain pain and internal disorders. Japanese Moxabustion technique, Guasha, as well as therapeutic massage are used to enhance the treatments.

Yonnie believes healing begins with oneself, lifestyle, diet and exercise play a vital part of the healing journey.  Yonnie is a yoga practitioner and teacher.

Yonnie spends time researching into every case to find the best way to help each individual, as she believes that everyone is different in all aspects.  She works intuitively and treats according to the patient needs in all levels.

The clinic is a peaceful and soothing environment, it was renovated using non-toxic materials as much as possible.  Natural lighting and privacy immediately put patients at ease.  It is a part of the healing process.  

What treatments do I offer?
Acupuncture, Yoga
Where do I practice?
toward healing acupuncture
Graig Fach
SY20 8BD
United Kingdom