Organic & Quality Assurance at Indigo Herbs


The Quality and Production Team at Indigo Herbs

At Indigo Herbs we take quality seriously. We have been producing premium quality herbs & superfoods products since 2004. Many of our customers return to us time & time again as they have come to trust the excellent high quality products that we source & sell.

The Indigo Herbs team really appreciate the benefits of pure, premium quality pharmacopial grade herbs & superfoods, as many of us take these products ourselves. It is our personal passion that has lead us on to develop a comprehensive range of over 450 natural health product lines.

So we spend time researching & resourcing the best products. Being aware of the methods of manufacture that the herbs or foods have gone through is central to this.

The Indigo Herbs Quality Assurance scheme has been designed to ensure that our consumable products are of highest quality.

We are interested in

When it is tested & analysed

What Certification the product has

How it is packaged

Where the product is from

How it is produced

How it is stored to optimise freshness

How the nutritional content is maintained and preserved

When the product arrives to us

We pride ourselves on our quality standards and always ensure that;

Our products are clearly named & correctly botanically identified (including the Latin name)

Our products inform clearly where the botanical material is from, and/or where it is manufactured.

Our products inform clearly how the botanical materials were produced & preserved where possible.

Our products inform clearly the shelf life and best before dates for the botanical material to remain fresh, potent & nutritionally stable.

Our products are packed & sealed in re-sealable gold foil or brown paper/foil air tight packaging for loose materials, and pharmacoepial grade brown glass bottles for liquids. This is to ensure optimum storage conditions for an extensive shelf life.

Our products have full traceability. From the batch number we can trace & recall if necessary the full details & origin of all the ingredients a product contains.

Our ingredients come with a certificate of analysis where possible, demonstrating that they are tested for appearance, taste, odour, constituents, microbiology levels, heavy metals & pesticides.

Our ingredients meet pharmacoepial grade standards where appropriate.

All our products are 100% pure botanical materials with absolutely nothing added. (No hidden bulking agents)

Our production facility is fully compliant with Mendip District council’s Food Safety, and Health & Safety standards.

Our products contain ingredients from suppliers who are fully compliant with their Environmental health departments, and who follow GMP. (Good Manufacturing Practises)

Our Organic products are certified by The Organic Food Federation GB-ORG-04. These policies are based on the European standards – EU council regulations 834/2007 & 889/2008.

We have graphics to demonstrate our quality standards: quality, organic, gluten free and vegan.

Quality Assured Organic Assured EU Organic LogoOrganic Food Federation LogoGluten Free LogoVegan Logo

Organic Certification

We have adopted the standards set out by The Organic Food Federation GB-ORG-04 which are themselves based largely on the EU Council Regulation 834/2007. 

View full details of the 'food processor' standard (pdf link).

When you buy our organic products you can be sure that;

100% of their ingredients have been supplied to Indigo Herbs certified as organic by trusted third party organic certification bodies, 
ie: those that also comply with EU Council Regulation 834/2007 or 889/2008.

They have met all the criteria set for basic quality assurance.

We work hard to constantly improve & maintain our Quality Policies at can guarantee that we will continue to do so.

Yours Indigo Herbs Team