Chia & Acai Super Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Chia & Acai Super Smoothie Bowl Recipe
Vegetarian, Sugar Free, Dairy Free
Eat Immediately.

Topped with crunchy granola, nuts & seeds this bright pink super smoothie is a perfect breakfast brunch choice. To make the fantastic colour, our Super Vital Blend of Acai, Baobab & Beetroot powders is added with fruit & veg surprises. High in Vitamin C and giving a great burst of energy, this smoothie bowl will definitely fill you up for a day of fun! 

  • High Powered Blender
  • Spoon
  • Serving Bowl


  1. Before day of make: Pop Banana & Berries into freezer.
  2. Place all ingredients, except optional toppings into a high powered blender and whizz until a smooth consistancy.
  3. Tip: You might have to stop every now and then to scrape contents in from the sides and whizz again. 
  4. Once fulled combined used a spoon to scoup smoothie into bowl and cover with your optional toppings.
  5. Serve and enjoy!

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26 October 2016 - 1:05pm