Christmas Vegan 'Baileys' Recipe

Christmas Vegan 'Baileys' Recipe
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Vegan, Dairy Free
Store in bottle in cool room, not fridge or it will set!

During a dinner party or just sitting in front of the fire this Christmas, snack on raw chocolate and sip on this delicious spicy coffee-whisky 'Baileys' like alcoholic beverage. Full of powerful flavours to tingle your tastebuds while you chill under the tinsel. 18+ only! Note: This recipe makes 1 Litre.

  1. Saucepan
  2. Blender Jug or Bottle with Lid
  3. Spoon


  1. In a blender - combine the coconut milk, coconut syrup, whiskey, espresso, vanilla, cacao powder and 2 tbsp water (depending on the thickness of the canned coconut milk). 
  2. Serve on ice and enjoy!
  3. To add an extra festive kick to your 'Baileys' - Combine the liquorice root, ginger, star anise and cardamon pods in a saucepan with boiling water and simmer for 20 mins to infuse. Set aside to cool. Then strain the liquid into a bottle. Add 1 tablespoon to the vegan 'baileys' and blend.
  4. Note: Do not store in fridge, it will set. Pop in bottle and store in cool dry room - such as a back porch area!

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7 December 2016 - 3:11pm