Magical & Purifying Halloween Incense

Magical & Purifying Halloween Incense

This magical incense can be made to raise vibrations, cleanse and purify the energy in your home and build up a wonderful atmosphere. Perfect for Samhain/Halloween, it can be used in seasonal rituals or just to create a wonderful fragrance in your home. 



  1. Simply mix all of your resins and herbs together, and put in a sealed glass jar.
  2. To use your incense, you need to light one of the charcoal discs, until it is sizzling and burning white.
  3. Take great care in doing this, as it gets hot! If you’re lucky enough to have a woodturner or open fire on the go I find the easiest way is to dip it into the flames for a few seconds, otherwise it can of course be lit with a match.
  4. Drop your sizzling charcoal disc into the burner, and put a generous pinch of your incense blend on the top.
  5. The resins will immediately begin to melt and let off the most wonderful fragrant smoke.
  6. Then you just need to sit back, relax, meditate, and enjoy the wonderful mixture you have made.
  7. Note: It’s important to use the incense in a well ventilated room, and as the smoke is quite strong, not recommended to burn around children.
Magical & Purifying Halloween Incense Remedy Magical & Purifying Halloween Incense Remedy Magical & Purifying Halloween Incense Remedy

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20 October 2017 - 1:08pm