Nettle & Banana Protein Smoothie Recipe

Nettle & Banana Protein Smoothie Recipe
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Vegan, Dairy Free
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This smoothie bowl recipe was created in aid of Mens Health Week. Of course, anyone can enjoy this minty super protein packed recipe and benefit from its superior muscle building ingredients. Oat Milk, Organic Super Protein Powder and Spinach are all top foods in the arsenal of athletes and bodybuilders. Coupled with energy giving Chia Seeds, Banana and Coconut Chips, this smoothie protein bowl has everything you need to for a powerful pre/post workout smoothie. The real secret of this smoothie is the Nettle Root Powder - Nettle Root is said to help balance and keep all males fit and healthy.

  • Knife
  • High-Powered Blender
  • Large Glass or Bowl


  1. NIGHT BEFORE: Put 1 banana in the freezer.
  2. NEXT DAY: Put chopped frozen banana, milk of your choice, super protein and nettle powders, spinach and mint into high-powered blender and whizz together!
  3. Make sure all the ingredients are combined and create a smooth smoothie texture.
  4. Give it a taste, add optional sweetener if desired - whizz again!
  5. Pour mixture into large glass or bowl, sprinkle chia seeds and coconut chips on top if required.
  6. Enjoy and feel the protein power! 
16 June 2016 - 10:13am