Pretty in Pink Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Pretty in Pink Smoothie Bowl Recipe
Gluten Free, Vegan, Dairy Free
Eat immediately for best taste.

This Pretty in Pink Smoothie Bowl is energy boosting and fruity with the most incredible colour. It is such a simple recipe and very easy and quick to make, making it undoubtedly the best breakfast, snack or dessert choice to perk up your petals! Packed with antioxidants and superfoods for extra nutrients and flavour. The creaminess formed from the banana and almond butter make this dairy-free, vegan smoothie a healthy filling choice. Powered with our Super Vital Powder, a mixture of acai, beetroot and baobab... which is the secret to the gorgeous colour!

  • Blender
  • Smoothie Bowl


  1. Place all ingredients for the smoothie bowl into a blender.
  2. Give it a good shake around, then whizz until everything is well blended and combined.
  3. Pour into serving smoothie bowl and top with your desired toppings. 
  4. Eat and enjoy!
Pretty in Pink Smoothie Bowl

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8 August 2018 - 1:48pm