Brain Boosting Choco-Nut Breakfast Smoothie

Brain Boosting Choco-Nut Breakfast Smoothie
Vegan, Vegetarian, Dairy Free
Eat immediately or keep re-fridgerated

This Creamy Choco-Banana-Nutty Smoothie Recipe is not only filling but it's also healthy and a really delicious treat. The nut butter and chocolate go together like partners in crime, however the only offense that is committed here is a serious energy boost and great way to start the day (or end it). A great smoothie blend for when you need a chocolatey treat but want to be healthy. All those anti-oxidants! Yum!

  • Blender
  • Glass
  • Spoons for measures


Another great smoothie from the 5 STEP smoothie method:

  1. Fruit/Veg Base: Start with the Banana, chop it up to make it easier for your blender.
  2. Liquid Base: Next add the Coconut Milk..straight in. (Avoid the canned variety and go for the milk alternative in the tetrapack)
  3. Thickening Ingredients: Now its the thickener layer, just measure out that Almond Butter and load it up.
  4. Flavour Layer: All about the taste, sprinkle in the vanilla powder and top up with the Agave and make it delicious.
  5. Power Boost Layer: Superpowers... load that smoothie up with the Cacao Powder (gonna make you feel good). Serve up into a glass and sprinkle with Cacao Nibs!
Raw Choco Peanut Breakfast Smoothie Raw Choco Peanut Breakfast Smoothie Raw Choco Peanut Breakfast Smoothie

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The almond butter can be substituted with any kind of Nut Butter - The Banana could be substituted for our own Indigo Herbs Organic Raw Banana Powder - Our own Indigo Herbs Cinnamon Powder could be used instead of the Vanilla Powder - Oh and try it over crushed ice on a summers day! 

The great thing about the '5 Step' Smoothie Method is that you can transition each layer in making the smoothie with your own Fruits, Liquids, Thickening Ingredients, Flavour Ingredients and Power Boosters to suit your needs and tastes.


High in zinc and other brain boosting nutrients, this smoothie is nutritious as well as being delicious!  Zinc is absolutely vital for optimal brain function, playing a crucial role in memory formation and cognitive stability.  There are also a healthy dose of B vitamins in the mix coming from the almond butter - B vitamins are powerful antioxidants for the brain - and it is rich in essential fatty acids.  Essential fatty acids such as omega 3 are so important to the development and proper maintainence of the brain that some scientists even postulate that "it was the ingestion of EFA's that allowed the brain to evolve to the next stage of human development"!

The delectable chocolatey taste the raw cacao brings is also full of health giving nutrition - known as the "Food of the Gods" in Peru, raw chocolate has earned the well deserved title as a superfood due to it containing an array of essential vitamins and minerals.  For example, raw cacao is one of the highest plant based sources of iron on the planet! Also high in magnesium which allows your body to relax and aids sleep as well as being responsible for ensuring all the other minerals work properly.  Finally, raw cacao is chock full of phytochemicals such as theobromine - recent research has found that this can influence our moods in a postive way which explains the "feel good" factor we get from eating chocolate.

Indulge yourself in this delicious choc-nut smoothie in the knowledge that whilst it tastes great it is also nourishing your mind, body and possibly even your soul!

9 April 2015 - 11:57am