Vegan Chocolate Yule Log Recipe

Vegan Chocolate Yule Log Recipe
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A chocolatey, Christmassy Yule Log - packed with health benefitting nutrients as well as tasting divine....! 



For the Cake:

  1. Process the brazil nuts until you get a runny nut butter. Add 2 tbsp coconut butter and process again.
  2. Fold in the cacao and lucuma and stir in the coconut sugar and honey. Use a little lucuma for dusting. Roll out the dough into a rectangle.


  1. First, you want to prepare the xylitol so it resembles icing sugar. To do this, get your whole packet of Xylitol and whizz in the blender for 10 seconds, for longer if your blender is not a high speed one.
  2. You only need 4 tbsp xylitol so put the now 'icing sugar' xylitol back in the packet and spoon 4 tbsp back into your blender.
  3. Add the coconut butter and the cacao powder.
  4. Pulse for ten seconds or until all the ingredients are well combined and resemble a lovely buttery icing.

Method for Assembly:

  1. Spread the icing on the rectangle of chocolate dough and fold each side up to make a 'log'. The dough will split a little - this is ok and is characteristic of a traditional Yule Log!
  2. For decoration, dust on a tbsp of 'icing sugar' (xylitol) and add real holly leaves. For the berries, mix a little beetroot powder with some a spoon of xylitol 'icing sugar' and 1 tsp coconut butter. Keep working it until you can shape into little berries. You might need to add a little water.

Brazil nuts are packed with selenium which supports the immune system, thyroid glands and protects the body from oxidative stress.  The pure cacao provides the rich chocolatey taste is rich in phytonutrients and the best source of plant based iron on the planet! Coconut Oil adds a healthy dose of essential fatty acids in the form of  medium chain fatty acids - these are now known to boost energy, support weight loss and raise the "good"  HDL cholesterol whilst changing the LDL cholesterol to a benign subtype.  This delicious vegan chocolate log really is the perfect dessert for chocaholics to indulge in without remorse!

15 December 2015 - 11:58am

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