Vegan Omega Superfood Smoothie Recipe

Vegan Omega Superfood Smoothie Recipe
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This simple smoothie is designed to deliver a powerful nutritional punch! Hemp seeds supply the perfect ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 essential fats, spirulina and chlorella add their myriad of health benefits including a good helping of bioavailable vegan protein - whilst it can be enjoyed any time, as a breakfast smoothie this will certainly rev your engine and keep you going for the day. Add to that a scoop of delicious raw and creamy Coconut Oil to kick start your metabolism and give your brain a boost too!

  • Blender or Nutri Bullet


  1. Put all the ingredients in the blender and whizz until you have a smooth consistency

You can futher sweeten this smoothie by adding more of your favourite fruit or fruit powders such as Organic Baobab or Banana Powder.

If you are not used to it, we recommend you start with 1/4 teaspoon of chlorella and spirulina building up to 2 teaspoons of each per smoothie. This will avoid any symptoms of detoxification.


Chlorella and Spirulina are two of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet! Both are powerfully detoxifying due in part to their extremely high chlorophyll content. This is further backed up by the vitamin and mineral content, both being high in antioxidant vitamin E. Chlorella also contains the "Chlorella Growth Factor" which is anti-aging, speeds up the growth of friendly intestinal bacteria and assists in the repair of damaged genetic material. The hemp seeds bring a perfect balance of omega 3 to 6 essential fatty acids, these are particulary important for our cells and the health of our vital organs such as the heart and the brain. There is also evidence to support that chlorella and spirulina contain essential fatty acids with spirulina containing high amounts of Gamma Linolenic Acid, a preconverted form of Omega 6 which is powerfully anti-inflammatory.
Coconut is a super brain food and as well as tasting delicious the nutrient rich coconut oil is a great source of healthy fat that quickly metabolises into energy!

18 January 2016 - 1:04pm