Sweet Potato Wedges & Walnut Dressing Recipe

Sweet Potato Wedges & Walnut Dressing Recipe
Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Dairy Free
The dressing will keep a day or two, but you’ll need to add a bit more lemon juice to freshen it up.

A sharing platter recipe that is fantastic for the picnic table in summer. With lots of refreshing salad and chunks of rich roasted sweet potato to keep you fulfilled, this salad is a summery delight. Made with our Organic Raw Walnut Butter, the walnut dressing perfectly complements the courgette and peppers bringing a unique taste to every bite. 

  • 1 x heaped tsp Walnut Butter
  • lemon juice from ½ medium Lemon
  • ¼ x tsp Garlic Powder
  • ¼ x tsp Paprika
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
  • 1 x Lettuce
  • 8 x Radishes
  • ⅓ x Cucumber
  • 1 x small Courgette
  • 2 x large Sweet Potatoes
  • ¼ x Lemon
  • Oven
  • Sharp Knife
  • Chopping Board
  • Small Bowl
  • Dessert Spoon
  • Teaspoon



  1. Combine all ingredients 
  2. Add just enough water for desired consistency


  1. Cut the Sweet Potatos into thick strips
  2. place Sweet Potatoes into the oven with or without oil and cook until crisp on the surface
  3. While Potatoes are baking, chop the Cucumber and Radishes
  4. break off enough Lettuce leafs depending on the amount you need
  5. Use Potato Peeler to make strips of curled Corguette Spaghetti
  6. If you want you can also make a simple Tomato salsa
  7. Arrange the salad and place the Sweet Potato inside the Lettuce Leafs

Other than all the nutrition in the Salad and Potato, the Walnut Butter is high in the amino acid l-arginine which helps with smooth funtioning of the cardiovascular system. Walnuts also include antioxidents, protein and benefical fatty acids that are very good for brain and the overall smooth running of the body. This salad is a healthy and easy to prepare lunch recipe that won't weigh you down during the summer. 

22 June 2015 - 1:07pm