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Clearspring Japanese Hokkaido Kombu - Dried Sea Vegetable 40g

Clearspring Japanese Hokkaido Kombu - Dried Sea Vegetable 40g

Clearspring Japanese Hokkaido Kombu - Dried Sea Vegetable 40g

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  • Kombu seaweed comes in strips around 10cm long and around 2cm wide. Once soaked, it looks a little like a dark tagliatelli. It is very commonly used in Japanese soup-based dishes, and contains natural glutamic acid that draws out the flavours of other foods.
  • Kombu seaweed is a Japanese form of Kelp, of which there are thousands of different species. Clearspring Kombu is made from a species known as Laminaria japonica.
  • Kombu seaweed is especially high in iodine, which is a trace mineral required for a wide variety of bodily functions. As with most seaweeds, Kombu is also high in many other minerals, fibre and iron.
  • A sea vegetable that is a key ingredient used to make Dashi, a stock popular in Japanese cooking.
Quality Assured Vegetarian and Vegan Safe
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Clearspring Japanese Hokkaido Kombu - Dried Sea Vegetable 40g. High in Iodine. Kombu naturally contains high levels of iodine. People sensitive to the effects of iodine are advised to seek medical advice before consuming this product. Thick, wide strips of Kombu are commonly used to flavour Japanese soups, noodle broths and stocks (dashi). Kombu contains natural glutamic acid - an umami-providing amino acid - that draws out the taste of other foods. A strip of kombu cooked with beans helps to soften them and improve digestibility. Kombu is a Japanese variety of kelp with pronounced culinary appeal. Whilst a lot of Japanese kombu is cultivated nowadays, Clearspring kombu is harvested wild in the cold waters off Hidaka in Hokkaido, Japan's northern island. Wild Hidaka kombu is considered a premium grade, being prized both for its tenderness, enabling it to be used as a vegetable, and for its exceptional flavouring ability. Clearspring Kombu is Laminaria japonica, sustainably wild harvested and dried in Japan.

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To prepare, soak 2g of kombu in 1 litre of water for 20-30 mins. Then bring slowly to the boil and gently simmer for 5 minutes. Remove the kombu from the stock and discard before use.

Dried sea vegetable (Laminaria japonica)