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Gymnema Products

Gymnema Products

Belonging to the rich holistic tradition of Indian Ayurvedic medicine, Gymnema has been used for thousands of years for its many and varied benefits to health. Indigo Herbs Organic Gymnema Powder is an easy way to access this ancient healing herb. Alternatively you can choose Gymnema Capsules from our guest brands. 

This fascinating plant is called 'Meshashringi' in Sanskrit meaning 'rams horn' and 'Gurmur' meaning 'Sugar Destroyer' and has many traditional uses throughout India. One of the amazing attributes of Gymnema Sylvestre is its ability to neutralise the sensation and taste of sweetness. Even by chewing a few leaves gymnemic acids are released that can suppress sweetness for about 15 minutes. Other traditional Ayurvedic remedies regarding Gymnema Sylvestre are stomach upsets, a remedy for snake bite and controlling blood sugar levels.

Gymnema Sylvestre comes from the Asclipiadaceae milk weed family and likes to climb against other plants and objects to raise itself up. Having woody stems this plant blooms little white balls that open into flowers. The plant also fruits an elongated light green seed pod.

Organic Gymnema sylvestre Herbal Powder 100g
4.9 stars
16 verified reviews
4.9 out of 5 stars
5 stars
4 stars
3 stars
2 stars
1 star

Latin Name: Gymnema sylvestre

  • Long history of traditional use in Ayurvedic medicine
  • Also known as "Sugar Destroyer"
  • Re-sealable air tight, foil pouch to ensure maximum freshness
  • 100% pure botanical ingredients, absolutely nothing added

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Organic Quality Assured Organic Organic Vegetarian and Vegan Safe
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Indigo Herbs Organic Gymnema Sylvestre powder is made from the finest quality Gurmar leaves. This Ayurvedic herb has been used in India for many years. Our Organic Gymnema Sylvestre powder can be added to a little liquid and taken daily.

At Indigo Herbs we are passionate about premium quality botanicals. Explore the tabs on this page to find out more about the quality, manufacture and suggested use of this herbal powder. We are unable to advise you here on the benefits of our herbal products, however we do recommend you take the opportunity to research the many benefits of this herb. At Indigo Herbs we are committed to empowering optimum health and nutrition and assisting you to take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing, by having access to many of natures healing botanicals. Please consult a Herbalist as to how this product can benefit you.

Also known as: Gurmarbooti, Gurmar, Periploca of the Woods, Meshasringi

Using Herbal and Superfood powders on a daily basis is simple, easy and can be really delicious. The simplest way is to rehydrate the powder in a little filtered water to make a shot, this can easily be prepared once, twice or three times per day if you are taking the herbs therapeutically. However sometimes the herbs can be bitter so the botanical powders can be added to a superfood smoothie instead of just water. The smoothie can be made with a base of nut milk, seed milk or non-dairy milk such as rice milk. Alternatively the main body of the smoothie can be created with fruit or vegetable juices. 

Additional superfood and herb powders can be added to fortify the smoothie with extra beneficial properties. The powders are largely dissolvable and can be scooped in and then blended, shaken or stirred until fully mixed with the liquid. Any true Superfood smoothie disciple would advise that the list of possibilities is endless with the goal to feel great and potentially replace a meal with this glass of super goodness. For full instructions go to our How to take Herbal Powders page.

Another option is to use a Capsule Machine that can be bought from the Indigo Herbs website. Filling capsules with your favourite herb has never been easier when you buy a Capsule machine. You can then be sure that the capsules you are taking are 100% pure ingredients without fillers added by some companies.

This herbal powder can be re-hydrated in water or fruit juice, it can be encapsulated or added to a herbal powder blend. Please consult the Herbal Materia Medica or Medical Herbalist for this botanical ingredients uses.


1 or 2 grams twice daily with meals or as directed by a herbal practitioner.

1 teaspoon equals 2 grams (1 tsp = 2g)
  • Produced to GMP standards.
  • Quality Assured by Indigo Herbs.
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
  • Re-sealable air tight, foil pouch.
  • 100% pure botanical ingredients, absolutely nothing added.

Manufacture Process

Cultivation of the Gymnema Sylvestre plant are nurtured under certified Organic Standards as well as Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP). The collection, selection and drying methods are all closely scrutinized maximizing quality throughout the process of harvest. Authorised botanists check and identify all plants before the leaves are dried and finely milled into powder making sure there are no foreign bodies or pollutants within the finished product. Indigo Herbs Organic Gymnema Sylvestre Powder is also in compliance with both European and Indian Ayurvedic Pharmacopeia standards. In short, every bit of care and attention has been sought to bring you this high quality organic product.

100% Pure Organic Gymnema sylvestre Powder

Safe and no known side effects, however do not use in place of insulin without the consultation and support of a herbal practitioner.

Verified reviews by Trustpilot
4.9 out of 5
4.9/ 5
16 reviews
5 out of 5by cath
13 January 2021
great to be able to get this as herbal from. very bitter but it seems to help keep my energy levels stable
5 out of 5by Maxine Le
4 October 2020
packaging is great and the quality is superb! happy customer
5 out of 5by Irene Dancey
8 September 2020
This product helps me lose belly fat.
5 out of 5by Sarah Turton
16 June 2020
Great product! Love it!
5 out of 5by Hits
19 April 2020
Excellent product. Express delivery. I use to to combat my High triglycerides and diabetes, although diabites is borderline. Just came off my diabetes tablets as there was a risk of severe coronavirus. I needed a replacement, so I chose Gymnena as my saviour during this pandemic.
5 out of 5by KWAKU NTOW
15 January 2020
It's extremely pure organic and I love it brewed for winter tea very nice.
5 out of 5by karen H
3 July 2019
Can't tell if it's making any difference yet probably to soon. It does taste foul hopefully it will be worth it.
5 out of 5by guy h
17 March 2019
More than any other natural products, this one helped me get my A1c levels back to normal. Palatable anyway but with a pinch of cinnamon even more so! Delivered in perfect condition and promptly too
5 out of 5by sarah
4 July 2018
Great product, delivered really quickly. Will use them again!
4 out of 5by Cheyenne Korbutt Brown
6 March 2017
Very high quality product and not as bad tasting as some others. Have yet to see much affect though.
5 out of 5by Manuel Fernandez
1 August 2016
As k am on 5 injection a day this hashelped with my blood sugar count but the benefits will only be noticeable with a month Regards manny
5 out of 5by Dr Bernard Blackburn
31 May 2016
I have found the product good and extremely good value. It has provide me with a drink mixture that I take each morning, well done and thanks.
5 out of 5by EMILY BILES
9 May 2016
Recommended by a homeopath for my Diabetes. Heard great things, so giving it a try.
5 out of 5by Dahyabhai Lad
4 March 2016
I will voice my opinion once I have used this herb for considerable time.
5 out of 5by Ann Aldridge
28 February 2016
This Gymnema is very good quality and arrived very quickly and securely packed.
5 out of 5by liviana
13 February 2016
i was advised to use this herb to control diabetes, it's working well in my experience
Swanson Cinnamon Gymnema Mulberry Complex (120 caps)
0 stars
0 verified reviews
No reviews yet!
  • 3 in 1 formula
  • Can help to support healthy blood sugar
  • Not suitable for vegetarians or vegans
  • Capsule size: 00
Quality Assured
  • Full Description

  • Suggested Use

  • Ingredients

Swanson Cinnamon Gymnema Mulberry Complex (120 caps) features three time-honoured herbs, Cinnamon, Gymnema and Mulberry, that can help support healthy blood sugar levels. Cinnamon has flavonoids and Gymnema and mulberry have been used for centuries by Ayurvedic and Chinese herbalists.

Indigo Herbs has selected some of the best dietary supplements, teas & snacks from other leading health brands to complement our own extensive range of nutritionally dense superfoods, wholefoods, herbal powders and loose leaf teas. As well as being of the highest quality we believe these products directly relate to Indigo Herbs mission to offer our customers the best possible range of life enhancing health and nutrition supplements.

As a dietary supplement, take one capsule one to three times per day 30 minutes before meals.

Consult your physician before using this or any product if you are taking medication or have a medical condition, especially if you are hypoglycemic, diabetic or taking medications that affect blood sugar levels.

Cinnamon Bark 10:1 Extract, Gymnema sylvestre Leaf, Mulberry Leaf (Morus alba)

Other ingredients: Gelatin, rice flour, magnesium stearate, silica.

Swanson Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf 400mg (100 caps)
4.8 stars
4 verified reviews
4.8 out of 5 stars
5 stars
4 stars
3 stars
2 stars
1 star
  • Promotes healthy glucose metabolism
  • A traditional Ayurvedic sugar-metabolizer
  • Each capsule delivers 400 mg of gymnema sylvestre leaf powder
  • Made with Gelatin Capsules
  • Not suitable for Vegetarians or Vegans
Quality Assured
  • Full Description

  • Ingredients

  • Customer Reviews

Swanson Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf 400mg (100 caps) From the tropical regions of India comes Swanson Gymnema Sylvestre, an Ayurvedic herb promoting healthy metabolic function. Used for nearly 2,000 years in India's Ayurvedic tradition, gymnema sylvestre is also renowned for helping support healthy glucose levels already within the normal range.

Indigo Herbs has selected some of the best dietary supplements, teas & snacks from other leading health brands to complement our own extensive range of nutritionally dense superfoods, wholefoods, herbal powders and loose leaf teas. As well as being of the highest quality we believe these products directly relate to Indigo Herbs mission to offer our customers the best possible range of life enhancing health and nutrition supplements.

Gymnema sylvestre Leaf 400mg, Gelatin.
Verified reviews by Trustpilot
4.8 out of 5
4.8/ 5
4 reviews
4 out of 5by Caroline Smale
28 August 2019
Helped me curb my appetite, easy to swallow and a quick delivery.
5 out of 5by Jim Smith
11 August 2019
I think this is a very good product i bought a different product at a lot more money but this does the same job thank you
5 out of 5by Noelle
2 July 2019
Excellent product.helps a lot
5 out of 5by John K
20 April 2019
Very good product and fast delivery
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5 out of 5 stars
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26 Jul.
5 out of 5 stars
Excellent service was provided by the seller,very good information about the product was given before I purchased the tincture. All went smoothly.
Read more... roystonh
26 Jul.
5 out of 5 stars
Tea bags delivery
Happy with delivery and time it took to arrive.A trusted shop and website.
Read more... Margery Bambrick
26 Jul.
5 out of 5 stars
I ordered Hibiscus Tea- cannot get…
I ordered Hibiscus Tea- cannot get anywhere! Really quick delivery , very pleased.
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26 Jul.
5 out of 5 stars
Excellant co
Excellant co. Very prompt service with next day delivery. I ordered organic Ashwaganda It very quickly made me feel stronger and lifted my spirits also taking one at night helps to relax you and sleep better
Read more... Margaret Mitchell
26 Jul.
5 out of 5 stars
Spot-on service
Spot-on service, ordered Thursday late PM, delivered early PM the very next day, the herbs were just as ordered and excellent quality - highly recommended.
Read more... geoff winn
26 Jul.
5 out of 5 stars
Reliably brilliant
Super products, carefully packaged, and delivered next day - Indigo Herbs are always reliably brilliant!
Read more... Elizabeth
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