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Herbal Incense & Incense Resins

Herbal Incense & Incense Resins

Here at Indigo Herbs, we stock a wide range of herbal incense, each known for their individual fine and powerful scents and also perfect for making incense blends. You will find many ingredients for incense making and burning, as well as burners, charcoal and our own range of incense blends. All our incense is 100% natural, loose, non combustible materials which can be burnt on charcoal disks. The aromas are sensual powerful and evocative. You can blend different types of incense together or burn them alone. We have a wide selection of resins, gums, herbs, spice powders, flowers, fruit peels, woods and crystals. All the incense we sell is 100% pure and of a botanical origin. They are also all free from synthetic fragrances, binders or burning agents.

Incense Resin Burning

Burning incense is an ancient natural art that has benefits that are medicinal and atmospheric. Incense has been burnt in ceremonies for thousands of years and some believe that the vibration of the various plants themselves are responsible for creating a specific atmosphere or mood when burnt.

Smells certainly have a huge, if often subconscious effect on the psyche and natural incense smoke is no exception to this. It has been used at some point in almost every spiritual practice from the biggest world-wide religions, to the most secret cults, the free-est hippies to individual hedge-witches.

Natural incense smoke is often powerful and quite thick, so get in the mood for some aromatic drama, sit back and enjoy. Because of their potency, caution is recommended if burning natural incense in the presence of babies or very small children.

Choosing & blending natural incense

To help you choose incense ingredients either to burn individually or to make your own blends, we have created a choosing and blending wheel which defines the action, aroma and note of each of these ingredients. Incense blending is the first form of perfumery so go ahead explore your senses and conjure up some incense blends to create and enhance the mood.

We have also blended some fantastic Indigo Herbal Incense house blends to inspire you, why not give one a try?

Incense Blending

Incense blending is a deep, personal, evocative, playful and sensual ritual. It’s all about drinking in flavours with your nose and feeling the aromas with your whole self.
What does a scent make you feel or think? Does it bring memories; does it inspire your imagination and your creative dreamer? What aromas do you like, which aromas bring you to earth, heaven, to rest or play? Where do the scents take you? Blending incense is a like painting a picture, writing a piece of music, or making a meal. It’s also like fixing an engine or decoding a riddle. What ingredients work together, in what quantities? It’s an opportunity to be a creator or creatrix. Then later when you sit back and enjoy your endeavours it’s like eating the meal, wearing the dress, riding the bike, listening to the song. What do you want your incense blend to say? Thank you, welcome, new beginnings, goodbye, I love you, journey to forgotten places.

Peoples of the earth have been mixing aromas for thousands of years, so it is human nature to work with the evocative power of nature’s sensual smells. By working with this power we can harness the energy of the herbs, woods, resins, gums, flowers and seeds. In this way the plant medicines bring their subtle beneficial gifts and natural healing qualities.


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5 out of 5 stars
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16 Mar.
5 out of 5 stars
Excellent service and great products!
Excellent service and great products!
Read more... Helena
16 Mar.
5 out of 5 stars
Testosterone boosting order
Order can through the next day. Struggled getting through on the telephone order line to order tongkat ali. Eventually was able to place the order. Its early days on the powders I ordered but everything looks and smells authentic. Mainly taking the powders tongkat ali, catuaba bark and damiana for testosterone boosting properties. Certainly feel more energised in the few gym sessions I've had since starting the powders, I'm aware this could be a placebo as these powders can take a few weeks to build up in your system. Side note.. Try to encapsulate the powders if you can.. I mixed all powders into a luke warm drink and honestly I don't know how I kept it down!! Awful taste. I'm not taking it for the taste.. As long as it works that's all I care about.
Read more... Gavin
16 Mar.
5 out of 5 stars
Very prompt delivery
Very prompt delivery
Read more... J Ashton
16 Mar.
5 out of 5 stars
Excellent service, good quality product.
very Quick efficient delivery. The product I bought is working wonders for me. I’ll definitely be getting more. Thank you indigoherbs.
Read more... Sarah
15 Mar.
5 out of 5 stars
Excellent quality!
Excellent quality!
Read more... Daniela Didier
15 Mar.
5 out of 5 stars
Order arrived well packaged and in…
Price of items very competitive. Order arrived well packaged and in speedy time. Very impressed with the herbs. Excellent products. Will order again.
Read more... Phoebe Olu
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