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Herbal Powders

Herbal Powders

Welcome. In this section we list our range of herbal powders. Herbal powders are finely milled herbal material such as leaves, flowers, roots, barks and berries – and a great way of getting the nutritional and healing benefits of herbs into your body. Ours have been carefully dried (often by freeze-drying or slow-drying at low temperatures) to preserve their phyto-chemical profile. But why take herbal powders in preference to teas or tinctures, you may ask?  Well....

Some people simply don’t like drinking herbal tea. And although most of the alcohol in tinctures can be evaporated off by adding just-boiled water, some people want to avoid any trace of alcohol. Also, short of eating freshly picked herbs, powders are arguably the most natural form of herbal preparation.

One way to use powders is by adding them to smoothies, where the natural sweetness of fruit can mask the unusual flavours of certain herbs. Powders can also be mixed in with a mashed-up banana or ripe pear.

For those of you with no time to spare, and adventurous taste buds, powders can be stirred into a little water or juice to make a paste. Top up with just enough liquid to make it drinkable. Incidentally, herbalists regard the bitter taste of some herbs as positively beneficial, as it stimulates digestion.

As with all our herbal products, our powders are 100% pure with no added fillers, and come from suppliers who conform to Good Manufacturing Practice.  

Browse the list below to see which powders best suit your needs. It’s time to sprinkle a daily dose of herbal magic into your life!

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28 Mar.
5 out of 5 stars
Delivery was quick
Delivery was quick. Item was well packed and exactly what I ordered. Would definitely buy from company again.
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Very good product
Very good product, very good packaging, efficient delivery
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Fast delivery great selection of products, will definitely use again
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Very good
Very good...
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I was really impressed with your…
I was really impressed with your excellent service. Thank you so much. I will be ordering from you again.
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28 Mar.
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very good service and products.
very good service and products.
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