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Mushroom Nutrition

Mushroom Nutrition

In this section we introduce our range of medicinally edible mushrooms or Mushroom Nutrition. Mushrooms have long been seen by the Chinese, South East Asian and South American cultures as being an important addition to healthy living, as well as playing their part in regional and religious folklore.

At Indigo Herbs our personal experience with Mushroom Nutrition is that they are very much an essential part of medicinal ecology. Not only can they be used to bring different tastes to the kitchen but also help bolster our immune systems. We have in our Indigo mushroom range Chaga, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Maitake, Oyster, Reshi and Shiitake mushroom powders and chunks (Chaga only). All these fungi have proven their worth to be graded as some of the most prized mushrooms on earth.

With these easy to take powders and raw mushroom ingredients you can easily incorporate medicinal mushrooms into your meals, superfood smoothies or – as is the case with the Chaga Chunks – brew them into a tea.

The traditional use of Mushroom Nutrition is a bit of an anomaly in world history. The East Asians have always been well aware that certain mushrooms impart health benefits; but the Indian subcontinent as well as Europe have mostly left mushrooms out of their pharmacopeia. The reason for this is thought to be because the author of De Materia Medica, Dioscorides, was averse to their use. Along with Ayurvedic medicine, Dioscorides believed that because mushrooms were born from decaying material then they should not be put in the body. Also he believed that the identification of mushrooms was too dangerous to be able to be done with confidence without the risk of being poisoned. Because De Materia Medica was so popular in Europe, and formed the base of all modern European medicine, mushrooms were largely left out of being used to treat illness. Interestingly, before Dioscorides, Hippocrates (455 BC) writes of mushrooms usefulness in helping the recovery process during illness.

The Chinese are the foremost in using mushrooms for their health benefits. The two most respected Traditional Chinese Medicine compendiums – the Shennong Bencaojing (Divine Farmers Materia Medica, compiled between 300 BC and 200 AD) and Bencao Gangmu (Li Shizhen, 1578) – both list mushrooms that should be consumed for particular illnesses. The Japanese also have a long running culinary relationship with all kinds of different fungi making the East Asians the ruling authority on all medicinal mushrooms.

According to 4,600 year old hieroglyphics the ancient Egyptians thought that mushrooms were the result of lightening striking the earth and that they were the sons of the gods. Any edible mushroom were reserved for royalty and no commoner was allowed to even touch them. As with the Chinese the Egyptians thought that mushrooms could extend life and so were reserved for Pharaohs and the royal family.

At Indigo Herbs we source our medicinal mushroom powders from the very best producers so they meet the criteria of being the foremost on the market. All Indigo Herbs medicinal mushrooms are 100% premium quality with the best processing methods to preserve all the vital chemical components.

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Prompt delivery
Prompt delivery, beautiful products.
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Very good products and fast delivery - would recommend
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Excellent product, good value and quick delivery
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Slippery Elm powder
I ordered Slippery Elm powder a product that I have used for several years very successfully to control my diverticulitis symptoms. The price was competitive and It arrived promptly in a small box that provided good protection to the contents. The powder is in a useful resealable package with sensible dosage instructions however if prepared as directed on the packet the powder is very unpleasant to take and might be off putting as it is almost impossible to stop it being lumpy. From experience I suggest the powder is mixed with very hot water, stirred, then left to cool, stirring frequently - by the time it has cooled to a comfortable drinking temperature it's becomes a smooth 'gravy like' texture, it smells of cardboard but is not that unpleasant to drink and is very effective for stabilizing intestinal issues.
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