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Organic Yacon Powder

Buy Organic Yacon Powder 250g Indigo HerbsBuy Organic Yacon Powder 250g Indigo Herbs

Organic Yacon Powder

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Latin Name: Smallanthus sonchifolius

  • Low glycaemic index and low carbohydrate content
  • Fantastic alternative to regular sugar
  • Sweet malty taste similar to caramalised sugar
  • Rich in pre-biotic fibres
  • Re-sealable air tight, foil pouch to ensure maximum freshness
  • 100% pure botanical ingredients, absolutely nothing added
Organic Quality Assured Organic Organic Vegetarian and Vegan Safe
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Organic Yacon Powder from Indigo Herbs is low in carbohydrates and has a low glycaemic index (GI). It is rich in pre-biotic fibres and compounds known as "fructooligosaccharides". The taste buds recognise the sweet tasting yacon but the digestive system does not process the syrup like a normal sugar, making this an ideal replacement to regular sugar. 

At Indigo Herbs we are passionate about premium quality botanicals. Explore the tabs on this page to find out more about the health benefits, quality, manufacture and suggested use of this natural sweetner. At Indigo Herbs we are committed to empowering optimum health and nutrition and assisting you to take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing, by having access to many of natures healing botanicals

Also known as: Peruvian Ground Apple, Aicama, Jicama, Diet Potato, Yacon Potato

Our Yacon Powder is a fantastic dietary source of "fructooligosaccharides", sugar molecules connected in a way that makes them unrecognisable to the digestive system. They stimulate the taste buds but cannot be digested making this a great low carbohydrate and low GI alternative to sugar. It is pre-biotic, feeding the friendly bacteria in the digestive system. When the bacteria digest the fructooligosaccharides it produces short chain fatty acids which are thought to have anti-obesity effects.

Integrating Superfoods into your daily diet is simple and easy. Superfoods are particularly dense in nutrients, and free from any bulking agents or fillers. By adding superfoods to your daily diet you can fortify your food with super nutrition. Try replacing breakfast with a superfood smoothie. The smoothie can be made with a base of nut milk, seed milk or non-dairy milk such as rice milk, alternatively the main body of the smoothie can be created with fruit or vegetable juices.

Then additional superfood and herb powders can be added to fortify the smoothie with extra beneficial properties, the powders are largely dissolvable and can be scooped in and then blended or shaken until fully mixed in. Superfoods can be easily added to breakfast cereals such as porridge, muesli or granola. The powders, berries, grains, seeds and nuts can also be added to soups, salads, stews, curries, and used as toppings for any meal. Think about what you can replace in your daily diet with Superfoods. For full instructions go to our How to use Superfoods page.

You can use Indigo Herbs Organic Yacon Powder exactly how you would any other cane sugar but enjoy the benefits of a much lower GI. Some compare it so the taste of caramalised sugar. Organic Yacon Powder is a great sugar alternative in cooking.


Indigo Herbs Organic Yacon Powder can be used as an alternative to cane sugar in cooking. You can use this sweetener exactly how you would sugar.

Organic Yacon Powder
Nutritional info
Per 100g
Serving 5g
Serving %RDA*
Daily Portion in grams
Energy KJ/Kcal
of which saturates
of which sugars
Dietary Fibre
RDA: reference intake of an average adult

Indigo Herbs Organic Yacon Powder is grown and processed under strict organic standards. Just as the rainy season commences the Yacon roots are dug up and selected for quality. After being washed in citric water they are dried in their natural raw state so that very little moisture is left in the root. They are then milled into fine Organic Yacon Powder which is fully tested before being shipped. 

100% Pure Organic Yacon Powder 

None Known. Although over indulgence could lead to an upset stomach.

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