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Wild Lettuce Leaf Tea

Wild Lettuce Leaf Tea

Wild Lettuce was known to the Egyptians and the ancient Greeks for its ability to calm the mind and body. A common herb that was used ritualistically and consumed in the same manner. Indigo Herbs has acquired a fantastic quality Wild Lettuce Leaf Tea so all can enjoy the benefits of this genuine and natural sedative.

In Egypt Wild Lettuce was thought to be good for eye complaints and an aphrodisiac since it was regarded as the favourite plant of the fertility deity Min. The Egyptians would place a statue of Min in a patch of Wild Lettuce and then parade the statue so all could be benefitted by the god’s benediction. In ancient Greece this botanical was thought to have the exact opposite effect. Whilst the Egyptians thought it would heighten the sexual appetite, Greek priests used the herb to suppress their sexual urges. Until the 1890’s Wild lettuce was thought to have the same narcotic effect as opium and was given to patients undergoing painful operations before chloroform was discovered.  

Wild Lettuce is a biennial herb with a thick branched root. In the first year of vegetation it produces a rosette of basal leaves and in the second year an erect stem (60-180cm) branched in the upper part. Leaves are bluish-green and the plant flowers in June-August with yellow elongated pyramidal panicles. The roots, leaves and stems all produce a white latex. Wild Lettuce grows singly or in clusters, on rocky soil and on plains and uplands up to 1000m above sea level. 

Wild Lettuce Leaf Tea (Loose Herbal Tea) 50g
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Latin Name: Lactuca virosa

  • A wonderfully relaxing herbal tea.
  • Wild Lettuce has ancient origins
  • Re-sealable air tight, foil pouch
  • 100% pure botanical ingredients, absolutely nothing added.
Quality Assured Vegetarian and Vegan Safe
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Indigo Herbs Wild Lettuce Leaf Tea. Premium grade Lactuca Virosa leaf that has a wonderful calming effect for body and mind. Wild Lettuce Leaf Tea can be infused in boiling water and made into a delicious herbal tea drink.

At Indigo Herbs we are passionate about premium quality botanicals. Explore the tabs on this page to find out more about the quality, manufacture and suggested use of this herbal tea. We are unable to advise you here on the benefits of our herbal products, however we do recommend you take the opportunity to research the many benefits of this herb. At Indigo Herbs we are committed to empowering optimum health and nutrition and assisting you to take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing, by having access to many of natures healing botanicals. Please consult an Herbalist as to how this product can benefit you.

Also known as: Bitter lettuce, Laitue vireuse, Opium Lettuce, Poisonous Lettuce, or Rakutu-Karyumu-So

Making a delicious cup of tea with loose leaf herbs is simple and easy. Brewing loose leaves is a traditional art with many different styles and varying items of tea brewing equipment on the market. There are one cup teaballs that can be filled with loose leaves, flowers, and barks and submerged straight into a boiling cup of hot water and then left to infuse. The rule of thumb with brewing loose leaves is to allow them to fully release their beneficial aromatic phyto-chemical content.

This process is lovingly called brewing and takes 5-10 minutes so a tea cosy is recommended if you are using a pot. When making a pot of tea it is advised that you use one teaspoon of loose leaf tea per person and one for the pot. Any true tea maker who truly appreciates the art would recommend heating the pot first, and of course when the tea is fully infused it is absolutely necessary that the drinker sits down and takes a minute to enjoy! For full instructions go to our How to make Herbal Tea Page.

Grab a teapot, a cafeteria or your tea making equipment of choice. Wild Lettuce Tea can be made into a herbal tea by infusing in boiling water. Use 1 cup of boiling water per person. Let the tea brew for 5 - 15 minutes. Strain the plant material and relax.


1-2 teaspoon per cup of hot water up to 3 times a day.

1 teaspoon equals 1 gram (1 tsp = 1 g)
  • Produced to GMP standards.
  • Quality Assured by Indigo Herbs.
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
  • Gluten free.
  • Re-sealable air tight, foil pouch.
  • 100% pure botanical ingredients, absolutely nothing added.

Manufacture Process

The Wild Lettuce plants used to make this product are cultivated in the USA, which is where Indigo Herbs procures this pure leaf tea. The production process is a very simple; the plant leaves are usually harvested during flowering and are set out to be air dried until they have as little moisture in them as possible. After selection of the best individual dried leaf there is an inspection to guarantee there are no other constituents or pollutants on the plant material. To make sure that all chemical constituents remain intact, this pure leaf has not been heat treated in any way.

Can cause drowsiness, or if taken in excess can cause restlessness

Wild Lettuce Leaf Tea (Loose Herbal Tea) 50g

5.0 / 5 (1)
9 months ago
Great herb , makes a very nice tea
3793 customers have written a review on Trustpilot
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15. Sep
Excellent service
Such fast delivery and excellent quality. Recommend highly.
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