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New Wholesale System

We have been improving the way our wholesale ordering works and we've come up with a new and improved system, menus, MOQ and even pricing and we want to tell you all about it ...

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Here's what's changing

Our Prices

Our prices have all been updated and from now on will continue to be automatically updated daily whenever we change our RRPs.  We have recently been taking a long look at how our industry is developing and our latest prices are in many cases more competitive than ever before.  For example have a look at our latest Wheatgrass, Barleygrass and Spirulina Powders.

Our Minimum Order Quantity

You will also notice that you no longer have to order 6 at a time of any different products and can order anything from 1+ of each product type and size….. We are replacing this restriction with a minimum order value of £100.  We hope this will allow our wholesale customers to try out a wider variety of products and order only what they need of things.

Our Menu’s

When you login to your online wholesale account you will see that we have simplified the menu options.  You will now see just 3 options;

  • Fast movers – here you will see our best-selling wholesale products and this page will be staying the same
  • Ready to Retail – here you will now find our full product range in Ready to Retail packets available to order. This will be full list of all of our products which you can filter to find what you need by either searching for the product name OR using the drop down size and type functions to filter by the product size or type i.e.. Herbal powders
  • Bulk – Here we have a select few bulk products available to order online, for quotes on any other product please email us at wholesale@indigo-herbs.co.uk with the product and amount you would like and we will get back to you.

Our Terms & Conditions

We have also updated our ‘Terms and Conditions’ and our ‘Our Service’ page so please go to the below links and read through these;



Simple online wholesale ordering system


Come and see us

The new improved site is ready right now so why not come and visit us at www.indigo-herbs.co.uk/wholesale

If you can't remember your password click here to make a new one.

We hope you find the new system easier to use and please contact us with any queries or questions on (+44) 01458 831 447.

Kind regards, Chloe, Abbey & Milo
Indigo Herbs Customer Service Team

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